Jim Franklin, Manchester, UK

Tom Ralph, Butte, MT

Diana McCorkle, Poway, CA

Luci Conley, Escondido, CA

Michele Cowles, Huachuca City, AZ

Melissa Hann, Beecher, IL

Naomi Morena, Portland, OR

Anonymous donor, Butte, MT

Anonymous donor, Butte, MT

Sandy Sperry, Butte, MT

Zena Beth McGlashan, Butte, MT

Maria Ramos, San Diego, CA

Fountainhead Coworking is proud to work with

the following businesses and organizations:

Experience Butte                                                                                           Telos Partners, LLC.

Beautiful Butte and Beyond Gift Shop and Gallery                      Linked Adventures

Butte Literacy Program Montana                                                         Chaos Customz

                                                     Montana Tech Business Guild


About our "look"

Tina Smith *Logo Design*

Keaton Wray *Website Design* Butte, Montana

Fountainhead Coworking is proud to announce its partnership with the Montana Tech Business Guild in the creation of the Think Tank Sessions: a workshop designed to help small business owners with the challenges of running a small business. Some topics we've covered: social media marketing and finance. 

Call for more information. 406-299-3256.